It was determined that at age 10 I was "too old" for AG dolls, thus my list only contains the first 7 dolls.
  1. Samantha
    This is obvious, right!? Everyone wanted the Samantha doll, and with damn good reason. I'm obviously biased because we share a name, but C'MON people. She was the best friend we all wanted and had the best wardrobe.
  2. Felicity
    Girl was a feminist before it was the thing to be. She was impatient, independent, and stubborn - everything I am. Also, I wore the "life size" Felicity dress to a Boston Tea Party reenactment we had in the 4th grade. I now realize that I peaked in 4th grade.
  3. Addy
    Definition of badass. She escaped slavery at just 9 years old, all while teaching herself to read and write.
  4. Josefina
    I was completely obsessed with her clothes (it was when I still wore color.) I was also not so secretly obsessed with how snarky her sister was. It should be noted she inspired my love of side braids, which still runs deep.
  5. Kit
    Somehow she made the Great Depression look good. I never really bought the whole "journalism" thing though. I think she was just a nosy bitch. I did like her barrette though!
  6. Molly
    The wannabe Samantha. If you didn't have Samantha you had Molly. Her one redeeming quality is that she tap danced.
  7. Kirsten
    Her braids were complicated and her clothes were boring. Just an all around snooze fest.