I recently went for a friends 26th birthday (yes you read that right) and it was SO MUCH FUN, but also the worst.
  1. Crowns
    No matter your age, you'll end up wearing the free crown. But also, hat hair!
  2. Banner
    It's free so that's great. But then you feel obligated to wave it around the entire show, which is 2 hours by the way).
  3. Food
    It's a decent meal: tomato soup, garlic toast, an entire chicken, baked potato, corn, and apple turnover. Key word here is DECENT.
  4. Knights
    You get assigned a knight. You're basically told who to root for!! But what if I think the green knight is cuter than the red knight you assigned me? Also, what if you're knight loses!? I don't know this feeling because my knight killed the competition literally and also in looks, but I felt bad for all the other guests who paid $40 to see their knight lose.
  5. Hair
    All the Knights have at least shoulder length hair. Yes please!! 😍
  6. Money
    Did I mention it's $40 for an adult!!?? Sure they have discounts for kids every now and again, but what about the adults!
  7. Time
    It's 2 hours long. Great in the sense that you paid so much and you wanna get your money's worth but not so great in the sense that it's a huge time commitment.
  8. Entertainment
    Nothing bad here, all good. It's pure entertainment, a little over the top, and so worth it.
  9. It honestly was the best/the worst. Obviously everyone should go at least once.