Literally the most annoying woman in the world
  1. I'm feeling very woozy. Do you think it's okay I took 6 Benadryl before I drove over here.
    How are you alive right now???
  2. That's my old house
    In reference to the one being raided by the cops in San Bernadino. Probably not true
  3. I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I know the Hough family.
    Congratulations. Julianne Hough is my least favorite actress soooo, I'm not impressed. I do love Derek though)
  4. Oh my gosh, you got grey!? The angels are SINGING
    Thank you I think??
  5. I'd love a "holly jolly Christmas red for my pedicure"
    By the way, this wasn't said by the woman sitting next to me. This was said by a grown ass man.