1. Waking up, knowing the day was finally here!
  2. Getting ready.
  3. Waiting for the doors to open.
    Don't worry, they opened...52 minutes LATE.
  4. Running to the merchandise table before it was swarmed by 15,000 other concert goers.
  5. Getting to our seats.
  6. When the kid next to me stepped on my foot for the 12th time.
  7. Pretending like I was interested in the opening acts.
    Spoiler alert: I wasn't.
  8. Opening acts are done. It's go time.
  10. The minute 'Sorry' came on.
  11. Never stopped dancing.
  12. This happened.
  13. My reaction.
    Just a tad flushed.
  14. Every minute I remembered that I was at the Justin Bieber concert.
  15. Trying to piece myself back together after he played 'Baby'
  16. Looking over my shoulder while leaving, not wanting to believe it was really over.
  17. The moment I got to my car. Realizing it was all over.
  18. Also
  19. This has nothing to do with the concert, but just look at him!!
  20. Just one more.
  21. Okay, last one for real. HIIIIIIIII.