The very best moments from the past year
  1. My New Year's Kiss
    Looking around at a room full of strangers, all making out as the clock struck midnight, and having my girl Melani aka best friend since kindergarten step up and be my New Year's Kiss
  2. New Year's Day
    A classic, post-party, hangover-ridden day spent lounging in sweatpants with my best lady friends, with a completely unsuccessful trip to get bagels that we are still laughing about.
  3. Spring Break
    Leah Lucy and Caroline's Spring Break was perfect. A party til 4am, a trip to Mystic Seaport, homemade pizzas, two days in New York to see art and friends and history all while staying in an empty apartment on the Upper East Side, and of course, my 20th birthday.
  4. Kate's Bachelorette Weekend
    Aka the weekend that kicked off the best summer of my life. The huge surprise by her best friends from Oregon really topped it off, but being served beers by the water and tipsy grocery shopping wasn't too shabby either.
  5. E's 40th Booze Cruise
    A harbor-side cruise around Port Clyde complete with puffins and acoustic guitar. Say no more.
  6. James Taylor at the Newport Folk Festival
    One of the top moments of my entire life
  7. Kate and Sean's Wedding
  8. Leah's Big Surprise
  9. Mom's 60th birthday
    Feat. Patti Trivia
  10. Trivia Nights At The Rabbit Hole
    Sluggin back brews and pita and guac with The Leisuresuit Larrys
  11. Celebrations
    We crushed this year and it felt so good. Sometimes love is King House.
  12. The Vagina Monologues
  13. Gregory Alan Isakov at The Calvin
    Having a Transcendental moment during Amsterdam. and also eating at Thai Garden before that and partying afterwards with Mel, Mer, Bert and Varun
  14. Peaks Island
    With Mer, Jules, Jake, Yahtzee and a whole lot of white wine