How I am currently spending this four hour work shift that is also four perfect hours that could be spent getting a lot of work done
  1. Check the gmail
    And my other email, because you know, why not?? No time like the present to mark all my CVS and Patagonia emails as "read"
  2. Eat a yogurt
    Not because I particularly want this yogurt, but eating it restricts my ability to type on the keyboard (read: be productive)
  3. Read a fashion blog
    Or seven. They're all the same. And yet I can't stop reading.
  4. Stalk said fashionistas on Instagram
    175 weeks ago she had brown hair and to be honest it looked better then. Thank god I devoted the time to uncover this opinion I didn't even know I had fifteen minutes ago.
  5. Pick at my dead ends
    Because that will result in my hair looking better and not dramatically worse, obviously
  6. Write out the lyrics to "Lost In My Mind" in swirly penmanship
    Penwomanship, may I add. I find myself connecting on a deep level to these lyrics today.
  7. Think about Ina Garten
    And why I'm not her.
  8. Make a list
    Because I'm now deep into this shift and this is all I have to prove for it.