1. Being too young to feel nostalgia
  2. Watermelon-piña colada slush puppies at Hawks Nest Beach
  3. Vampire Weekend in my bedroom
  4. Cast dinners
  5. Driving around late at night listening to Beirut on repeat
  6. Visiting my sister in New York
  7. Working at Bennie's Farm Market and all of the organic chocolate milk and Fleetwood Mac that went along with it.
  8. Piano Man sing-alongs and cold beers in Alfred's old place
  9. Binge-watching Mythbusters and Project Runway in my bed on the weekends
  10. Guitar Hero and The Office after school with Ricky and Karim
  11. Fantasizing about what college will be like
  12. Saving cute texts from boys on my flip phone
  13. Cheesy movie dates with friends and awkward boyfriends