My neighborhood is losing everything that once made it special.
  1. Next door to me is a faceless branch of some random bank. But before that, there used to be a different bank in that space. Now that other, different bank is just a distant memory.
  2. Across the street, there's an empty space where the Circuit City used to sit. It really anchored the block and I miss it everyday. I just hope some faceless corporate giant doesn't move in.
  3. The lifeblood of any neighborhood is the bookstore. Well, guess what? The Barnes and Noble that served my community is long gone. These days it's all about e-books, I guess.
  4. Want Pinkberry? Tough, it's gone. In its place is some bullshit yuppie juice bar.
  5. UPDATE: Rumor has it that my local grocery store, Whole Foods, is moving out and some fancypants health food store is moving in. This is madness.