Please indulge me: It's been my dream to win the Caption Contest for over two or three weeks. Tell me which caption I should enter. Or add your own. It's a party and everyone's invited!
  1. What are YOU willing to do to win this election?
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  2. Right after the applause dies down, we hit 'em with the inflation statistics.
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  3. He's stalling.
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  4. I think the question about his political juggling act was a plant.
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  5. In retrospect, we spent too much time on immigration reform.
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  6. If he adds a fourth chainsaw, it's over.
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  7. Remember during debate prep when I said "be prepared for anything?"
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  8. Sure, he ACTS like he's serious about cutting spending.
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  9. You need to show the people you're just as serious about cutting taxes.
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  10. Think, Senator! Do you have ANY special skills?
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  11. Start working on your concession speech, Johnson.
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  12. This is exactly how he won the Primary.
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  13. He had a Showtime special before he got into politics.
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  14. That's all he's got, but it might be enough.
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