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call me fickle that's your choice ok
  1. Phoenix Suns
  2. Tom Brady
    he's cute ok
  3. ones with good colors
    ie: red, not orange (with the exception of the Suns)
  4. USA
    In the Olympics
what does this say about my mental health
  1. raccoon in a Christmas sweater
    two of my most favorite things
  2. George R R Martin and Julia Louis-Dreyfus
    please don't kill of the Veep this season
  3. cat
    at a house where I was babysitting. he was super soft.
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  1. Wayne's World
    PARTY TIME EXCELLENT how can you resist this movie
  2. You've Got Mail
    because it's my favorite movie ever because I am a 35 year old housewife apparently
  3. Elf
    mainly for the part where he hugs the raccoon
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  1. age 4: a mommy
    gender roles were firmly implanted into my brain apparently. I had a lot of baby dolls?????? also don't blame my parents; my sister wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon.
  2. age 8: an Olympic gymnast
    "sweetie, usually gymnasts need to be really short"-my mom gently breaking the news that this maybe wasn't the calling for me
  3. age 12: a Wimbledon champion
    then I realized I really just played tennis for the outfits
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