1. Get tested for sleep apnea and get a sleep apnea machine if I have it
  2. Get latest version of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop and put it on laptop
  3. Get a job
  4. Get laser eye surgery
    Get LASIK eye surgery ( wear contacts until then)
  5. Be in a color run
  6. Get a tattoo when I turn 18
    Look at list on Pinterest
  7. Go to a Taylor Swift concert
    Try to get backstage passes
  8. Go to an Ed Sheeran concert
    Try to get backstage passes
  9. Learn how to play chess
  10. Eat crab
  11. Go to Coachella music festival
  12. Watch everything I've missed on Netflix
  13. Buy everything on my lists
    Books list, Movies list, CDs list, Stuff I Want list, Perfumes list
  14. Watch the rest of the Star Wars movies
  15. Buy the rest of the Nancy Drew games in hard copies
    Even the ones that are just downloaded
  16. Write an inspiring book about my life and my struggles with mental illness
  17. Read all new magazines
  18. Find somewhere to reglaze and cook my pottery pieces
    Look it up online
  19. Travel to Italy
    Verona & Venice
  20. Go on a cruise to Europe
  21. Go on a cruise to Mexico
  22. Travel to Ireland
  23. Get my driver's license
  24. Name my first daughter Bridget Elaine
  25. Get an English Labrador Retriever when I have a family
  26. Buy my own car
  27. Fall in love and stay in love
  28. Work at a treatment center with teenage girls
  29. Protest for what I believe is right
  30. Work out until I'm healthy and fit and keep working out
  31. Name a star
  32. Scuba dive
  33. Ride in a double decker bus
  34. Take a trip to Walt Disney World
  35. Learn how to change a tire
  36. Kiss someone on top of a Ferris Wheel
  37. Have a moonlit romantic walk on the beach
  38. Live my horoscope for one year
  39. Travel to Australia
    Melbourne + Sydney
  40. Travel to New Orleans, Louisiana
  41. Travel to Miami, Florida
  42. Travel to Los Angeles and explore the city
    Go to Venice Beach and buy stuff from the flea market
  43. See an acrobat show
  44. Make one room in my family home a sunroom full of plants with a rocking chair
  45. Tour a castle
  46. Hug a koala
  47. Travel to Greece
    Athens + Santorini
  48. Travel to New York City, New York
  49. Travel to Paris, France
  50. Travel to London, England
  51. Travel to Nashville, Tennessee
  52. Learn how to pump gas
  53. Stay in an underwater hotel
  54. Go to Governor's Ball
  55. Watch a movie at a drive-in
  56. Swim in a shark cage without closing my eyes
  57. Experience weightlessness (no gravity)
  58. See the White House and take a tour
  59. Touch a cloud
  60. Swim with dolphins