All the bikes I've owned some are here, some are gone
  1. Cecil Walker girls bike with a top bar welded in so it became manly, single speed freewheel cotter pin cranks big bars gave it to Gareth none more black before anyone knew you could have a black bike. Gone
  2. Some old frame I found, painted it purple and covered it in Shimano 600 from head to toes. Is in some salt pit somewhere. Gone
  3. Shogun slick Rock MTB #hard rubbish now chrome & Yellow Gone
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  4. Paconi multi coloured fuck fest shimano mishmash sold to some kid for first bike was the spark to ignite the fire. Gone
  5. Surly 1x1 SS MTB as good as orange and single speed can get #noshit no.1
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  6. Giant TCR Advanced 0 2008 Duracci & Mavic #nearly gone no.2
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  7. Cinelli Bootleg Mystic Rat Ethan bike now
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  8. Jamis Nova Pro 105 Shimano Mishmash and Mavic Crash bike, no.3
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  9. Cinelli Supercorsa silver 80's super Record too small #frame sold
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  10. Batavus 80's crash bike with Schram with hope hubs and open pro rims custom pearl paint and guards by commuter cycles no.4
  11. Cinelli Supercorsa Rosso 80 's super Record complete gruppo bolstered sox saddle busyman bar tape and saddle bag Bella Bici no.5
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  12. Trek project one custom paint Durracci 11 speed 2 sets of wheels aerolus 5 & set of Chris King + Belgian hoops no. 6
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  13. Moulton Malvern star never got beyond pulling it apart #hard rubbish
  14. Surly Steamroller + Cetma Rack miche hoops no.7
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