Ice breakers are activities that help you get to know one another and are especially popular amongst camp counselors. These are a few my friend and I found to be entertaining this past summer.
  1. "What's your favorite?"
    People usually respond with "favorite what?" Continue to ask the question as is until they finally answer. Some good responses include: chicken nuggets, trail mix, purple, swimming, elephants
  2. "Do you love this meal?"
    If you replace any question with "love" instead of "like" it usually makes people stumped when responding. For example: "do you like Led Zeppelin?" "Yeah! Do you?" OR "Do you love Led Zeppelin?" "Uh l mean they're good I guess I don't know"
  3. "I wanna pick your brain"
    Pick someone at random and say "I wanna pick your brain" and see how the conversation proceeds
  4. "Can't you see some people are trying to sleep"
    Pick a crowded place and lay down in the middle of the floor. Then announce "can't you see some people are trying to sleep?" Lounges are a particularly good place for this.
  5. "Are you having fun?"
    This is especially great to ask to children when they are doing very ordinary things. Example: child standing in line to wash their hands. Tap them on the should and ask " are you having fun?" They will often say yes because they don't know how else to respond.