Songs My Uber Drivers Play: Ranked

  1. 1.
    "Drunk in Love" Beyoncé
    Automatic 5 stars for you girl!
  2. 2.
    "Not Afraid" Eminem
    Eminem 4 lyfe
  3. 3.
    "All I Want for Christmas is You" Mariah Carey
    Your car smells a little funky but this song always brings my spirits up, 5 stars!
  4. 4.
    "Sorry" Justin Bieber
    Ugh I actually like this song, -1 star for making me admit this
  5. 5.
    "Hotline Bling" Drake
    Please don't call me on my cell phone
  6. 6.
    "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe"
    Not sure what song this was but these seemed to be the only lyrics-- hope my low rating didn't kill yo vibe