1. Writing plus signs instead of commas or &'s
    When im listing things or stuff. Even cooler when you use equal signs too.
  2. Having dark nails
    Especially dark purple. Also applies to that time when I smashed my finger in a car door and my fingernail turned purple before completely falling off.
  3. When I feel good in the morning without coffee
  4. When I show up to places with a coffee mug
    And then I have coffee!!! For a long time!!! Not at home!!!!
  5. Having lots of shit in my purse
    I dont need hand lotion or germ gel or tiny Tide to-go or a extra socks!!! But i love having them!!!
  6. My billion playlists on Spotify
    I just made them yesterday and to make them cool I omitted vowels from the playlist titles. I know. Im edgy like that.
  7. Watching Game of Thrones
    Even though I'm only on the fourth episode of the first season (and have been for the last six months)
  8. Having change in my car
    I never have change but when I do I open the little thing to check and feel proud of myself for saving up.