or the movie of my life (not yet decided) I started this list on my first Blackberry and moved it from phone to phone but lost some names along the way. I am sad. It's ok though.
  1. Saoirse Ronan
    I like how she said "my mom" and "I remember" on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Look it up.
  2. Bryan Cranston
    I like how he looks like a dad.
  3. Patrick Fiehn
    This guy at my school that's obsessed with Germany and did the morning announcements once. He wears socks with Clinton on them.
  4. Patrick Stewart
    Watched Macbeth in 10th grade because my teacher didn't feel like reading it. Thank you Ms. Crutchfield.
  5. Ben Kingsley
    I had to google Ben Kingsley and Patrick Stewart because I confuse them but both belong on this list. Looks like Howie Mandel is how I now tell them apart.
  6. Ian McKellan
    Yes, another Man of the X. Very cute. Very English.
  7. Salma Hayek
    She is mexican. I am mexican. She does her hair like my mom (this is not offensive or a joke. My mom is very stylish).
  8. Bill Hader as Stefon
  9. Bill Hader as Stefon when he did that really low voice
    When he did the thing when he said the names of tje clubs. You know that thing?