I feel like I will add more things to this later
  1. That little piece of skin that hangs out beside your nail and makes your finger hurt like literal hell if ripped out
    Also makes the wound (yes, wound) bleed a lot. IS THERE A NAME FOR THAT??? in Spanish I believe it's pellejo.
  2. Velcro
    I mean I'm fine with this but I feel like there should be a word word that's not associated with any brand. Is there? Can someone teach me? I
  3. Cellular phone
    Why cellular? I'm sorry I will go Google this now but it sounds like a tiny little phone that my cells use to talk to one another and that's really cool. also Beyonce calls it celly in a destiny's child song and I think that is very cute.
  4. Ebb
    I'm not sure if I like this word because of its similarity to the word egg or if I hate it because it seems pretentious and like it's way too aware of its sophistication.
  5. Lipstick
    It feels wrong to still call it lipstick when it's on pm your lips and no longer on the stick. I feel like the actual stick is one thing and the color thingy is another. Is this just me?
  6. Pupil
    I have no questions about this word I just really like it.
  7. Thermos
    It feels like the word gives off the vibe that it's made especially for hot drinks and can be used for cold drinks if you're lazy. Is this true? Is the thermos made for all kinda of liquids?
  8. Brush
    I don't like how the word brush applies to a hairbrush, a toothbrush, and a paintbrush. I feel like there should be separate words!!!! I see why they are the same but no!!! (in Spanish pincel is paintbrush and I like that)
  9. Online
    Why on the line!??? what line???!! if this is why this is like this why do we not say this when somebody's on the phone?