"Isn't it interesting what people find interesting?"- the question I posed to my fiancée and my best friend to which both answered, "Yes, especially when it comes to you actually."
  1. Immigrant stories set in the 1900-1950s
    "The Boston Girl" put me in an emotional coma for days.
  2. Murder mysteries
  3. "Movies and books that are super depressing."
    -says my fiancée
  4. Personality tests
    I had no idea I was controlling until I took one in my org theory class and my life kind of changed for three days
  5. Mob bosses, mafia stories and drug lords
    I knew who Whitey Bulger was by age 12.
  6. Jake Gyllenhaal
  7. Fantastic Mr. Fox and every other Wes Anderson movie
  8. Stephen King novels
    Not sure why my mom was totally okay with me checking these books out from the library in middle school.
  9. Fantasy worlds (Hogwarts the most)
  10. Ghost stories
    This I have a right to because I grew up in a haunted house.
  11. Anything to do with WWI and WWII
  12. Serial killers
  13. BBC series
  14. Giphy