Is a thing 🙊
  1. We ate Middle Eastern food for the first time with my Arab bestie.
    It was fucking delicious.
  2. We decided to finish with Arabic coffee, where she tells us her teta (grandmother) can "read" the coffee grinds. She's literally a coffee cup fortune teller.
  3. Here is my coffee cup:
    Literally the grinds didn't make any pictures. Just a big black blob. Great.
  4. To which Miranda replied, "I've never seen one like that before"
  5. My reaction
  6. She's texting her teta the picture, so I'll let y'all know whether or not I'm going to die.
  7. However, Adams cup...
  8. Look closely and you will see a T-Rex riding a whale/dolphin into a coffee grind black abyss.
  9. Giphy