@lunavino_skylarhops I think my Luna would be besties with your Luna. JS.
  1. Luna is a Leonberger!
  2. She is 9 months old and 85 lbs.
    Still about 30 to go.
  3. She was born blind.
  4. When we first brought her home, she froze when she felt the rug and didn't move for five minutes because she was so scared.
  5. It takes her about 20 minutes to form a mental map of a new area.
  6. She fell asleep during her first vet visit.
  7. She works full time with at her Dad's company
  8. She was probs a L'oreal model in her past life. Or her present.
  9. Her favorite food is pumpkin.
  10. Classical music is her jam.
    We had to play it a lot to calm her down as a puppy because complete silence freaked her out.
  11. Her spirit animal is Boo.
  12. She has an Instagram: luna.theleo
    It's the best way for my friends to see what's going on since we live so far away!
  13. Literally, Luna loves her mom (me) the most. (For the record, her dad told me to write this fact)
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