1. Messy bun, starry eyed
    Channeling Radiohead for the track that describes my life story.
  2. This thing called La Croix
  3. Three Days of Pizza (ft. @nathanveshecco & Winter Storm Jonas)
    Literally died when I saw this! I just spent all last weekend being stranded in the snow, and three days of pizza saved me!
  4. Moon of my Life
    Love song dedicated to my little honey, Luna
  5. Daydreamer
    This song probably belongs in a Ratatat album. Just sayin!
  6. Surrounded by Amazon Prime boxes
    This is a unique track that describes this new trend in my life where I come home to Amazon Prime boxes. Also portrays my laziness because I can't bring myself to walk them to the trash can in 16 degree weather... 😳
  7. Imma do me
    *Mic drop*
  8. Bonus track: But how much avocado is too much avocado? (ft. @dubstep)