Meet Luna, our blind Leonberger puppy.
  1. Her full name: Luna Andromeda Chewbacca Serfas
    Luna- I'm obsessed with astronomy and Harry Potter so this was perfect. Andromeda- See above. Also because she's changes her coat like Tonk changes hair color. Chewbacca- She speaks Shyriiwook and looks like Chewy.
  2. She was born blind.
  3. She is a bandana girl.
    (Her Halloween bandana.)
  4. And a cuddle bud.
  5. This is my favorite picture of her:
  6. She used to be really small
  7. Like really really small
  8. Oh, she's a Leonberger!
    Things got real intense for this breed.
  9. Her twin
    She looks and speaks like Chewbacca.
  10. And brother, Watson!
    He lives in Asheville with my family. He is a crazy man.
  11. Yes- she gets around fine.
    She only runs into things when she gets really excited for treats.
  12. No- she does not open her eyes.
    So she looks like she is sleepwalking all over the place. Kind of the cutest.
  13. She goes to work with Dad
    I hear she sleeps on the job...
  14. Story of her life
  15. I think she's happy.
  16. PS. She'll be about 110lbs.
  17. Stay tuned.