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  1. The peoples spirit and karma
  2. The oysters are cheap
  3. The homes in uptown Garden District
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According to the locals.....
  1. After the burial of a loved one in New Orleans, they are entombed for a year plus a day, then the tomb is reopened and the remains put in a burlap bag, and pushed down into the swamp to make room for the next loved one's burial 😮
  2. Bourbon street smells awful in the morning because of the human waste and vomit from the night before, have to be flushed manually because they are below sea level
  3. Never turn in front of an oncoming trolly! They may just hit yo ass!!
  1. The smell of my Tims coffee in the morning with my fruit explosion muffin for breakfast
  2. Driving around Skaha lake and savouring the fact that I love where I live
  3. Watching my dog Reilly play at the dog park, lakeside
  4. Deciding tomorrow would be a beach day
  1. The tree in the yard whee I live, in the Okanagan May 2016
  2. Not far from where I live
  3. I love to crochet these are especially cute
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A lighthearted look at happiness is....
  1. A great kosher dill pickle, the bigger the better
  2. Montreal smoked meat sandwich
  3. Poutine
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  1. The Other Side of Midnight
  2. Pet Cemetary
  3. The Bible ( because I've never finished reading it) ....
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