And why
  1. Zane
    This one has stuck around for a's the only one that I can recall immediately whenever the baby name question comes up. Guess that means it's a keeper?
  2. Sophie/Sophia
    I love the name Sophie, and I love how the name Sophia means 'wisdom'. Now I just have to find how Sophie could be a nickname for Sophia, but it hasn't been coming along well.
  3. Calliope
    This is if I'm full on hippie by the time I have kids aka flower children. But I like the idea of the nickname 'Cal' for a girl. Credit for this comes from a book I read as a child, and the title of which I don't even remember.
  4. Benjamin
    Three-syllable names, even cuter nickname.
  5. Isabelle
    'Bella' for a nickname, or 'Izzy'. Overall elegance is beautiful.
  6. Cassandra
    It has a mythical elegance that shifts into your every-day girl-next door type, Cassie. Someone pensive.
  7. Matthias/Sébastien/Theodore
  8. Jeremiah
    I've always enjoyed this name. Syllabic ease, epic implications but somehow just seems like your everyman too. Very southern and Bible Belt of me, I suppose, but sometimes being old-fashioned is nice.
  9. Rita
    Lovely Rita, Rita May...
  10. Milo, Karina