My go-to's for any gloomy day. Not limited to movies, TV shows, viral videos, whole genres. This list is my soma.
  1. Graham Norton Show
    Particularly the episode with Matt Damon, Hugh Bonneville, and Bill Murray. I have watched this many times over, may or may not have embarrassingly lost count. And as soon as it's over I get sucked into a vortex of episodes that feature my favorite actors, directors, comedians.
  2. The IT crowd
    This really never fails to make me laugh out loud. Stand out episodes that contain the highest moments: obviously 'Work Outing', also 'Bad Boys' and 'Are We Not Men?'.
  3. Lost In Translation
    It's just one of those things that can make me feel happy and sad and angsty and lonely and yet validated and fulfilled and romanced by the intoxication life itself. It works while playing in the background when I cook; otherwise the best way to let it wash over you is curled up on the sofa with blankets and hot tea.
  4. Beginners
    Another all time favorite. Captures my mood perfectly. One thing I noticed was the coloring in this movie makes the atmosphere sunny and whimsical, alongside its deep melancholic undertones. Also, Ewan McGregor and Melanie Laurent, who could want more?
  5. New Girl
    More absurd hilarity. There's a wealth of some of the biggest LOL moments in TV, but for some reason I always fall back on the 'gave-me-cookie-got-you-cookie' clip. Nick is my favorite character/spirit animal.
  6. Nora Ephron
    Paired with Meg Ryan of course. When Harry Met Sally... if I've got time to invest, Sleepless in Seattle if I don't but just want something there for comfort, You've Got Mail if I'm on the severely depleted end of the dopamine spectrum.
  7. Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli
    All of his movies obviously work for these purposes, but I'll have to narrow it down to my top three pick-me-ups. Castle in the Sky, Howl's Moving Castle, and (for some odd reason the most re-watchable Miyazaki for me) From Up On Poppy Hill.
  8. British RomComs
    Richard Curtis, I owe you so much. Obviously Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill are the classics. I also watch About Time when I want to be deeply sentimental. Never fails to help me get a good cry out.
  9. Ratatouille
    People find it strange that I find this the most uplifting Pixar movie. Thematically it always hits hard (Anton Ego's review at the end...the feels), and Paris rendered in animation means you get all of the good and none of the bad. But honestly it's most likely because its Francophile levels of food obsession match mine.
  10. Woody Allen
    The holy trio: Annie Hall, Manhattan, Midnight in Paris. I could also snuggle in with these three screenplays any day.
  11. Parisian-styled music
    My mind has romanticized this to the ends of the earth. The Midnight in Paris and Hugo soundtracks. Anything with the accordion. French chanson. Serge Gainsbourg, Charles Trenet, Jacques Brel. Françoise Hardy, Juliette Greco. ZAZ. Jazz manouche, Django Reinhardt.
  12. Anything Parisian, tbh.
    Movies that remind me of Paris: I've already listed Midnight in Paris and Ratatouille, but also An Education, Hugo, The Artist, Moulin Rouge, Jules et Jim, Bande à Part, Amélie.