O'Hare is huge and, quite frankly, it's a nightmare! I am at O'Hare twice a week and cannot understand how a city like Chicago can't get their shit together. Here's a list of things that suck at O'Hare
  1. Furniture
    Why is the furniture moved around at this airport like daily?
  2. Most of the Staff
    Do they have a deal with the parole board? This airport has the worst employees anywhere. They sleep on benches, masturbate in the bathrooms (more on that next!) and scream expletives at each other and passengers
  3. The Men's Bathrooms
    How hard would it be to put dividers between the urinals? People are always beating off and blowing each other in the bathrooms. Seriously?
  4. Terminal 5
    How can a terminal made entirely of glass have no natural light? While the entire airport is no treat it is obvious this terminal is managed by a different company because it's a shit hole.
  5. The Walkalators
    No joke, the Walkalators (people movers) from the Blue line to terminal 2 have not worked in over a year. There's also been a takeout container sitting on that walkway for two months.
  6. Ubers
    It makes total sense to have to walk upstairs to arrivals to get an Uber.
  7. The saxophone player
    This dude panders for money all the time and then washes his filthy sax in the sink. This is the only airport I've ever been to where panhandling is welcome.
  8. Ventra Machines
    Four machines that are nearly impossible to use for people who've never used them? Seems like there could be a few more installed. Also why charge a $5 premium to ride on the filthy Blue Line ?