No/go - 1 glass of wine dial

Get home stressful day - no one understands you - spouse is not home yet from work. In order from 1 - 10 - 1 meaning 1st person no-go....acceptable to speak to after 1 glass of wine to 10 acceptable to speak to.
  1. Highschool Boy Friend
  2. Guy you dated before you met 1st husband
  3. Any guy that works for a foreign government that you wind up moving to that country and marrying - only to divorce. 2nd Husband
  4. Any Golfpro, dentist, sailing teacher, shooting instructor or personal trainer.
  5. Siblings - sister - 2 brothers don't give a crud.
  6. Mom - probably not speaking to - because she can hear - and Dad - you can't speak to because he can't hear. Or, pretends not to hear.
  7. People in clubs (golf - sailing - dinner - cards) you are members of - for reach out BS small talk under the guise of making an appointment.
  8. Kids - they don't care as pre-teens and teens - about what you have to get off ur chest - only did you get the Ben & Jerry's today?...
  9. Your 2 BFF's you'll still be on the phone — with them when ur spouse get's home.
  10. Spouse get's home - tells you to get off the phone and come to bed. Go with no. 10 when you can 9 acceptable — but only in emergency cases — loss of pet, family ex-spouses, spouse contact 1-7.
  11. Cat's really control you and ur life.
  12. Enjoy