1. My first name isn't Switttch or Scott for that matter.
    I used to find it strange that people actually thought my mother woke up one day and said, I'm going to name my son Switch. Like, what's wrong with your brain? Scott is my middle name. Only a handful of people know that/reason why. Maybe I'll explain why on another List.
  2. I'm quiet not a dick
    I kinda have to blame this one how I was raised (sorry mum), but growing up as I'm sure some you may have been taught children were to be seen not heard and only to speak when spoken to. This has unfortunately hindered me in my adult life as I find it hard to hold conversations in groups of people. I tend to sit back and just listen to what everyone has to say for fear of the backlash of my opinions. As some of my friends on Facebook may have noticed within the last few years that's changed.
  3. Still not a dick
    I wanted to continue and expand on this a bit more because I have it my head people think I'm a dick. Especially since I'm actively trying to be more vocal with my opinions I hate the feeling that because I may feel strongly about a subject that I'm mad. Being a black man I've seen this happen far too often, and seen my brothers classified into this genre of angry black man simply (imo) because they may not have articulated their opinion in a way society accepts.
  4. I've lived in three of the major cities in America
    San Francisco I grew up in the Bay and it will forever be home Los Angeles I moved to LA in my mid 20s, and it was by far the best time of my life. New York I'm currently living in New York. Just checking another box on the bucket list. ✔️
  5. I value my friendship more than most
    IDK if it's because I was an only child growing up or because I spent the majority of my childhood grounded (lol), but I do my best to keep in touch with anyone I consider a friend. For a while IM was the easiest. Eventually people stopped going online in that sense as much. I've tried to call/text friends that I didn't speak to on a regular basis at least once a month to check-in, but as time has gone on and priorities take over those check-ins have dwelled to bday/holidays.
  6. I grew up in a hick town
    Kinda sorta. Growing up I lived in various parts of the Bay Area, but the one is consider my hometown would be Martinez. I/my mum lived there from when I was in 6th grade up until I moved away for college. Living in the city for the first 1/2 of my life then transitioning to the 'burbs was interesting. It wasn't until I moved to this majority white suburb that I experienced my first taste of racism. Never really directly at me, but the word nigger would flow like water to these people.
  7. I love skateboarding
    While I probably haven't been on a board in well over a month, I still love it. Every time I step on the board I reenact an injure my back, which then caused me to be completely out of commission for at least 3 weeks! I'm finally at the age where it's a MUST that I make sure to stretch before attempting any tricks.