Favorite Restaurants

  1. The Nugget Spot
    I've been a nugget fanatic since I was a little kid. Never really liked McDonalds tho, I've always been a Wendy's spicy chicken nugget guy. This spot has a variety of styles of nuggets to choose from like southern belle, which is just your regular style nuggets, cap'n crunk with you guessed it cap'n crunch crust, buffalo, cheez and a few more. Highly recommended
  2. Kinder's
    They're from my hometown and they make the best/only bbq sauce I like. They've got several stores across the Bay Area, and even have their sauce, custom cuts, pre-made sandwiches available at Costco.
  3. Dino's
    I was introduced to this spot after working at The Hundreds. The spices they use are top notch and they give you a pretty big portion of food.
  4. Bolton's Spicy Chicken & Fish
    A few years ago I worked on the Street League tour with a buddy of my mine and we came across this spot while on the Tennessee stop. It may not look like much, but aren't hole in the wall spots usually the best? This one is no different. The south does fried food better than anyone.
  5. Fish Grill
    Another spot I discovered while working at The Hundreds. I think my first day we went here and before that I hadn't eaten any seafood in many years. This is one of the only places I'll actually eat sea food from. Their angel hair pasta is my favorite.