Mini vacay. Going home for the weekend and this is what I'm doing
  1. The Hundreds
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    I usually try to swing by to see the guys when I'm in town even though they're in bum fuck Vernon.
  2. The block
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    I haven't been by in so long and I know it's not the same, but I wanna see @clscjosh new store, check out the TH expansion, and eat some Golden State.
  3. Earth People
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    The homie Justin is having an art show at Slow Culture on Friday.
  4. Camp Flog Gnaw
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    Pretty much the reason I'm going is for this. My cousins kids are coming down from the Bay and I'm playing chaperone.
  5. The Russian
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    The last few weeks we've been emailing back and forth, so we're gonna link for brunch (so LA, right). Nothing's happening here. We're just catching up.