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    5 Salon Spa
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    I just got my hurr 'locked🙅🏾💁🏾
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    Sense 8
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    New show on Netflix I just started watching/already finished watching about 8 individuals who are somehow connected in a physical and mental way.
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    The Internet (band)
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    They just dropped their new album, Ego Death, and it's amazing! The lady and I got tickets for their show Monday, but when we got to the venue they were finishing their last song. Luckily they're the homies, so I was able to hit Matt up for tickets to their show the day after.
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    Get Paid to Be Yourself: The Business of being Ernest Baker
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    Currently my new favorite writer. Some are calling him the Hunter S. Thompson of our generation with his wild and often drug induced adventures with the likes of Drake. He was recently interviewed in Forbes on branding yourself without compromising your integrity. At least that's how I read it. In a sense I feel like he's the younger version of me that stuck with writing.
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    Terra Nova
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    I've come across some of the dumbest/coolest shows and Terra Nova is one of them. Set in another time dimension that has an Avatar-like fill to it (as well as the bad guy from Avatar coincidentally) a colony is rebuilding earths population in this new dimension. TBH the show is whatever. Most would hate it, but I always seem to find myself in this deep portal of Netflix full of obscure shows like this and I absolutely love it.
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    Marvel Comic wiki app
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    I was watching X-Men: Days of Future Past the other day and was wondering about s character background. Then I started wondering if they actually made some form of a Wikipedia app, and sure enough they did. It's a bit confusing and has a lot of other things other than the Wiki, but that's all I really care about.
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    Jumper 2
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    I wanted to see if there was anything in the works for a part two to one of my favorite dumb films. Last update was around 2012, but something was in the works!
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    Another series I found while in the Netflix portal. This show had a pretty interesting concept. A group of scientists and gifted children are launched into space in search of a new world after earth was no longer inhabitable in a secret mission during the Nixon era. Flash forward 50 years/spoiler alert it was all a hoax. A social experiment setup by the government to see how a society would act given the circumstances. Alas, yet another show that won't make it to a season two.
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    Bay Area bars in NYC
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    I was looking for a place to watch my Warriors win the championship. 😊
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    One World Observatory
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    The lady and wanted to go for our anniversary, so we were checking out the schedule.