1. San Francisco
    Born in SF
  2. Oakland
    lived here for a year or two after I was born
  3. San Pablo
  4. El Sobrante
  5. Martinez
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    Lived here from 6th grade up until I went off to college
  6. Chico
    Lived here during college
  7. Livermore
    Moved here after college.
  8. Venice
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    Moved here when I started working for TH. slept on my buddy Rex's (in the photo) couch for a couple months.
  9. Inglewood
    Grandpa wasn't doing well, so I moved in with him to help out a bit.
  10. Echo Park
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    Had a niiiiice little house with my lady at the time.
  11. Silverlake
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    Moved here after the lady and I split
  12. New York
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    Currently living and in the middle of a love / hate relationship with it.