5 W's and an H according to Google

What Google thinks I am going to ask when I enter who, what, when, where, why or how
  1. Who...wrote let it go
    Honorable mention goes to "who is Kristen Bell" (pffft Veronica Mars duh!) and "who let the dogs out"
  2. What...time is it.
    I guess I can't just look at the top of the computer screen? And I think we all know it's showtime. Honorable mention: what is love (baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more)
  3. When...is Easter
    Apparently it's April 16, 2017. Phew! Plan ahead. Honorable mention: When is Father's Day which is some time next month and I really do need to look that up.
  4. Where...am I
    Nailed it Google. You get me! Honorable mention: where is xur. Huh?
  5. Why...you always lying
    I.Know.You.Aint.Talk.In'.To.Me.Like.That. :-! Honorable mention: why did I get married (shot in the dark here but the answer is probably: because you Googled "should I get married"
  6. How...to be single
    Thanks for the vote of confidence Google. Honorable mention: how to get away with a murderer (in case I decide against the single thing, I guess?)