I realize li.st is a positive space, but if I get these out of my system here I save a lot of money on therapy and hopefully don't become a miserable curmudgeon one day...although it may be too late for that...darn it!
  1. Apps that always require an internet connection to use
    WTF....I can't even open goodreads without a connection? What's the point of a selectively accessible list on a sometimes you-can-open-it-app?
  2. When my phone's autocorrect takes six million tries to figure something out
    Yes, I could type it in...but I paid for a Swype phone and damn it you better get it together Samsung Galaxy! Read my mind already!
  3. When coupons apply to all but one flavor/scent/color of a product
    I know it cost the same 65¢ to make all of them! You greedy capitalists you!
  4. That guy/girl who arrives to the subway platform after you, stands right in front of you, then cuts you off for the only available seat on the train.
    I hope someone spills bright red juice on your tan slacks while you enjoy the seat I deserved. I'm not saying that someone will be me, but anything can happen.
  5. People (perfectly able bodied and healthy by their own admission) who wait ten minutes with you for the elevator in your apartment lobby, then get off on the second floor and say "Yeah, I'm that guy!"
    Shut uuuup! I worked ten hours today and you're delaying my return to my couch.
  6. Couples who insist on holding hands on crowded NYC sidewalks.
    Let it go! Let it goooo! Let. It. Gooooo! That song was written for you.
  7. When my sister doesn't answer text/phone call then posts something on social media a minute later via a mobile app.
    I know you're there! You suck at hiding!