Went from Florence to NYC within a month - still trying to find the balance. This note is dedicated to me.
  1. Serena: Italy Version
    Focused on myself and my frequent encounters with overwhelming bliss and serenity. More mindful, more open, more loving.
  2. Hearing dinnerware clinking when walking through the streets around 8:30pm
    While sprinting home to make it on time to my own family dinner, of course.
  3. Public drinking
    One of my favorite memories is sharing a bottle of wine and some prosciutto di parma with a friend on a bench at Piazza Della Vittoria before dinner.
  4. The light
    The Tuscan sun is no joke.
  5. Getting complimented by the Italians on my hesitant and broken Italian
    Thank you to the Italians who made my day with a simple "ah parli bene, italiano. Brava!"
  6. Being just a train ride away from anything.
  7. The tiny cars
    Never got any less amusing. Angry Italians speeding around in smart cars. Aesthetic.
  8. Li X Li and Mama Bar
    My two stops every Tuesday before class in the city center. "Un panino come tu vuoi" at Li X Li for €3,5 and "un espresso macchiato" at Mama Bar for €1.
  9. The public produce and food markets
    Rid of heavy advertising that shoves things like "organic, free-range, all natural, locally grown, non-GMO" down my throat. These things are just implied in Italy; they are the standard and they are accessible.
  10. The food, the wine, the art.
    I can't extrapolate on this one. It gets me too emotional. The fact that the olive oil was good enough to make even dry, unsalted Tuscan bread palatable......
  11. And more than anything, these beautiful people who opened up their home to us Americans and loved us like their own.