1. So .. Umm .. Hello.?
  2. Tbh ... B.J.Novak, you're brilliant and I love your work, thank you so much.
    I watched the Daily Show interview this morning from the 12th and I had to download it immediately.
  3. is beautiful. I've just begun to scratch the surface of its design and utility today, and I look forward to contributing further.
    Thank you.
  4. This app. I could LITERALLY go on an on about. All I'd need to do is add a bullet.. The elegance of the layers, mmm- intuitive and easy to navigate..., is ever expanding and will elevate us all even further :-) <3.
    I published this- my first post, so rough. Still fine tuning, adding and editing... I'm totally loving it tho! So easy 👍😎👍
  5. I've been waiting my whole life for #bestEvZ.. I love reading these posts.. So many beautiful, creative, hilarious, and truthful voices !!
    -wise words..