I'm in Salzburg, Austria and All of My Dreams Are Coming True

mostly Sound of Music related duh
  1. I get to stand where Julie Andrews has stood
  2. I get to recreate the 'I have confidence' scene
    And Do Re Mi and Sixteen going on Seventeen (minus inside gazebo scenes) and EVERYTHING ELSE. Someone should warn my Instagram followers now for the excessive posting that's about to happen.
  3. I'm going on a 4 hr bus tour tomorrow that has promised to only play Sound of Music songs (and an okay to sing along).
  4. I'm with a friend that is okay with my terrible singing and my enthusiasm and my desire to take a million pictures and has a love for SOM comparable to mine.
  5. All of the streets are sooooo beautiful and they make me want to swoon.
    And Julie Andrews has walked thru them!!!!!!