left Vienna, arrived in London, currently in a coffee shop...and realizing how lucky I am
  1. Thankful for British Airways check-in lady who let my bag be checked 10 lbs over with no fees
  2. Thankful for signs that are in the English language!
  3. Thankful for an amazing semester, in an amazing house (full of an interesting cast of characters), in an amazing city
  4. Thankful for being able to walk down a London street on a sunny day
  5. Thankful for free wifi
  6. Thankful for friends (shoutout @marleestark) who volunteer to house me and parade me around London (and give me inside scoop on best donut places in town)
  7. Thankful that I know I'll be able to return to Vienna soon and have more travel adventures
  8. Thankful for parents who support and value travel and make it all a reality
  9. Thankful for all the opportunities I've had so far