Have a deadline coming up that you want to avoid? Check out these various ways of avoiding work:
  1. Procrasti-cleaning
    it's time to color-coordinate your closet and de-thaw your freezer
  2. Procrastin-eating
    how about trying out that new recipe you saw on Martha Stewart's website 7 weeks ago? even better if you have to go to the grocery store for ingredients. or just grab a bag of chips.
  3. Procrasti-Netflixbinging
    now is a perfect time to start a suspenseful TV show. preferably one that has manyyyyy seasons. (e.g Lost)
  4. Procrastin-onlineshopping
    you've done so much work already...you deserve a reward for all of that hard work
  5. Procrasti-gyming
    you never go to the gym...but it's never too late to start. cardio AND weights.
  6. Procrasti-Buzzfeedquizing
    you can't go on without knowing what Princess Diaries character you most indentify with
  7. Procrasti-listmaking
    I think this one is fairly obvious
  8. Procrasti-stalkingyourselfonsocialmedia
    see you next week, George 👋
    Suggested by @jane