this week the Bravo ladies went on a hunting weekend amid cougar drama that juliet for once was not involved in
  1. "pink himalayan sea salt is a key ingredient for life"
  2. "it's a very civilized pursuit"
    hunting that is
  3. "we can 'twin' tomorrow"
    you could actually hear the quotation marks in sophie stanburry's voice
  4. "i don't care which way the f****ing pheasants fly"
  5. "we do lead glamorous lives in london. it's a fact."
  6. "shooting is a conflict of interest for me because i'm a vegetarian"
  7. "she wants to be like the beckhams. she wants to be like all the sudden this american who's up on this british... like she's made it. she wants to be like not in kansas anymore"
  8. "she's wearing chanel boots. and a chinchilla fur."
  9. "you have bubbles on your bubbles"
  10. "i'm going to find caroline flemming and sit that little cougar down"
  11. "i actually tried to climb out of the window, but i couldn't! it was locked!"
  12. "we have to talk. i'll have you back for the main course."
  13. "get the funnel and open her mouth" "get the tequila! drop your draw"
    they did actually funnel the tequila into her mouth