Paul Rudd's Most Underrated and Most Delightful Roles

I love Paul Rudd. He is the most adorable, and effortlessly charming person and an absolute boyish, dream boat.
  1. Josh, "Clueless"
    "oh my god.... i love josh!" as do we all, cher. as do we all.
  2. Ned, "Our Idiot Brother"
    This movie is so sweet and heartfelt, and Ned has a heart the size of the universe, and Paul Rudd is so carefree and happy and the most fun to watch.
  3. Paris, "Romeo + Juliet"
    Paris is terrible and idiotic but Paul Rudd looked damn good in that astronaut costume.
  4. Peter, "I Love You, Man"
    I just really, really adore this movie. And the chemistry between jason segel is tremendously charming.
  5. Mike Hannigan, "Friends"
    he and pheobe were so cute together. he was adorable.
  6. Bobby Newport, "Parks and Rec"
    I mean, how could it not bring a smile to your face when he just dopes around and drives Leslie crazy just be breathing. adorable.