i need to ~chill~ on the star wars front or i'll lose my mind. or over blow my excitement. for the next month i need to focus my mind elsewhere and these are the movies that will get me through the next month 🌬🙏
  1. Mockingjay Pt 2
    Friday-- in my anticipation for star wars i forgot that i loved the hunger games and now here we are
  2. Spotlight
    Friday! -- i love journo movies
  3. Carol
    Friday-- oscar 🐝
  4. Creed
    Nov 25 -- i like (most of) the rocky movies, OKAY
  5. The Good Dinosaur
    Nov 25-- pixar is life and so are dinosaurs
  6. The Danish Girl
    Nov 27 -- oscar 🐝
  7. Macbeth
    Dec 4-- i LOVE shakespeare. and this play. and this casting. ☠!!!!
  8. Sisters
    This comes out the same day as The Force Awakens but it still makes the list because Tina Fey and Amy Poehler joint projects warrant excitement