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    wait for it
  2. My boyfriend and I were watching jeopardy (I by force, he by choice) and he looked over at me...
  3. He puts his hand on my knee and looks in my eyes
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Her name is Ruby, she is 2, luckily she inherited my photogenic genes
  1. This took much arm strength on my part
  2. Her fool proof way of finagling my pizza crust
  3. Smolder
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  1. @heygizmo on Instagram will make your life.
  2. My sister sent me a face swap of herself with our 7 year old sister...
    Traumatizing, right? Obviously I had to screenshot it!
  3. MOST VIEWED PORN CATEGORY BY WOMAN IN EACH COUNTRY. Ya at first you're like, "wtfs wrong with her, why would she want to know that?!"
    But then you're like..."ok just one little peek."
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"Embarrassing, fattening and illegal" sums up this list
  1. Tiny powder donuts
    Fuck ya
  2. My boyfriend's forearms
    Fuck YA
  3. My own farts
    Especially watching the effects when others are in the room.
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I'm one season away from finishing this marvellous show on Netflix, and I thought I would make a list of reasons why I love it.
  1. MINDY KALING. She's effing hilarious.
    She's my idol, I love her, WTF autocorrects to WWMD?* On my phone. *What would Mindy do? Is my motto. (WWMD. For short.)
  2. @mindy and @bjnovak acting together. They're effing hilarious.
    Also, I love the fact that they're real life BFF's. It makes watching them act together on the show that much better.
  3. The setting doesn't change often, but the show maintains an engaging and exciting vibe.
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  1. This is Ruby. She is 2.
  2. I made this collage because I was angry at her for eating Nala, but it was funny and helped me get over it.
  3. Some things I say to Ruby on a daily basis....
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  1. Judgemental
    Sorry I don't want you to become a stripper, jeez!
  2. Sarcastic
    They're just so funny I forget to laugh sometimes.
  3. Protective
    I WILL call your cheating ex out at the bar, after a couple drinks of course.
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I'm not easy to deal with but he loves me anyway, that's how I know... I'm a queen👸🏽
  1. Not saying I love you enough.
    Does he still love me? No. He hates me. Omg he moved his leg off of mine. Changing status to single. BABE DO YOU STILL LOVE ME? "Yes, honey" oh okay.
  2. Saying I love you too often.
    Now I'm bored of saying it, stop
  3. Arguments with my family.
    I know it's not actually your fault my mom won't stop nagging me to come home and clean my room up. I just can't swear at my mother.
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  2. Vacation home sitter.
    Yup...bet you like the sound of that
  3. @mindy 's personal life choice consultant
    THIS IS MY DREAM JOB. I swear I won't let you bike into a pool like Mindy L did!
  4. Baby. Koala. Cuddler.
    That's right
Here we go. "S-Y-D-N-E-Y". Enter.
  1. Woah... Looks like fun
  2. Proud of this one
    F the h8rs
  3. Oh hey!
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