1. Make 10+ lists for your one follower @daphna
  2. Sit and ponder the work you should be doing right now instead of pondering
  3. Plan your winter vacation
  4. Online shopping for very specific non urgent items: the perfect flashlight
  5. Research nonsense: mandala patterns for tie dying
  6. Wikipedia black hole!!
  7. Watch a season... Several seasons of a television show you've seen a bajillion times
  8. Instagram black hole!!
  9. Make origami out of sticky notes
  10. Clean the study room white board
  11. Change clothes 4-7 times
  12. Plan your outfits for the next 10 days
  13. Plan your meals and ice cream meals for the next 10 days
  14. Ponder the fifth and sixth dimension (we're way past that 4D shit)
  15. Stock all of nasas instagram accounts
  16. Look up 3D printers to see if they're affordable yet
  17. Eat a pint of ice cream
  18. Plan out all possible day trips and costs within a 4 hour radius
  19. Bitmoji spam the world
  20. Wonder what's the worst that could happen if you don't study
  21. What's the worst that could happen if you fail this test?
  22. This class?
  23. This year?
  24. Look up strange and obscenely expensive items
  25. Driverless cars? How's that doing?
  26. Politics...where do I even begin?
  27. Should I become a trophy wife? Nah too much work in maintaining your image
  28. Ugh guess I better study orrrrrr..... Make another list!