1. Best apples ever
    The local university has created a special crossbred Apple that is crispy, juicy, sour, and sweet all at once.
  2. Best fish ever
    Had the fish and chips from Brit's Pub. I guess the fish came from the Great Lakes.. Not sure. But I am sure I am never eating Texas fish again. Except the salmon from HEB.
  3. Pad Thai
    Bad. Bland. Maybe first mistake was ordering a Thai dish at a Tibetan restaurant.
  4. Poutine
    What is it?? It's on every menu. Includes something called a "cheese curd"... Eh. Have yet to try it. But feeling the pressure to try it. Update: never tried it.
  5. Pulled Pork Sandwich
    Not a Texas pulled pork sandwich. Enjoyed dipping my fries in Tara's gravy. Good gravy.