1. Her red hair
  2. She is always herself
  3. She is so stale
  4. She is unintentionally h-larious
  5. She watches Girls and Broad City with me
  6. She is a cat
  7. We both get drunk off 1 margarita
  8. She wears lipstick a lot like a fashionista
  9. She wears tennis shoes with dresses
  10. She eats taq with me whenever
  11. She sings Hilary duff with me
  12. She sings off pitch and doesn't care
  13. She takes care of me and Shayna even though she says "I fucking hate you"
  14. She likes to look at her newly painted nails when she swims laps
  15. Her family luvs me
  16. She prefers to be called Catheter over Cathy
  17. She loves Hairspray
  18. She wouldn't let me not be her friend freshman year
  19. She's my neighbor forevee
  20. She likes to grow her leg hair out for all to see