1. Flava Flav
    I was 8. To this day is the still the most expensive costume I've ever worn.
  2. Snow White
    Ages like 3-6 I was Snow White because I was forced to keep my hair cut as a bob so it just made sense to my mom. She also really liked her evil queen costume.
  3. Conner Fiorarti
    This was my costume in 10th grade. I made up this guy. He was just supposed to be a rich douchebag aka who I would be if I was a male and rich.
  4. Marina Diamondis
    This was 11th grade. Someone told me I looked like her and that's probably the nicest comment I've ever received about my appearance so I maximized it.
  5. An American Idol Contestant
    This was such a good idea when I did it but I realize now I just looked like any one competing for anything ever because all I did was attach a number bib to my tank top.