The birthdays that stick out in my head
  1. 5th grade
    I invited over my new friends that I made the year before at my new school. I almost never then and still now have friends over so a whole group was a pretty big deal. First, my dad hired a caricature artist as a surprise to me and my friends made fun of him because he was gay. Then, I wanted to watch Hairspray so they one by one retreated to my room until they all 9 of them were in there and they locked the door and started calling boys instead. I cried in my brothers room.
  2. 7th and 8th grade
    Both took place at Kroakys Karaoke Bar. Both were awesome.
  3. Oh wait, 6th grade
    In attempt to recover from how bad 5th grade party was, I invited over a whole new group of friends that consisted of all the daughters of my moms friends who were a year older than me. They started practicing orgasm noises in front of my mom. I cried in my brothers room.
  4. 11th grade
    Arguably the best birthday I've had because I finally had good friends. I maximized the entire week and on my real birthday I had breakfast with my girlfriends then watched HSM, then my birthday present from Alex was macarons, chipotle, and he watched when Harry met sally which was an incredibly well thought out plan, and then I had dinner with my mom and my best friend and her family. This was alright except Alex and stafford had a small party and I would have rather been there. Still good tho.
  5. 12th grade
    I got really high and went to my birthday dinner which was very fun. I got really good funny presents from all my friends. Then I got drunk and high with my friends and goofed around all night then got breakfast in the morning. I got asked to prom twice and then sat around at Alexs house with Julia, DlUz, and Stafford. Pretty fun birthday too. Lily didn't get me a present though, that sucked.