All the places I want to see and all the things I want to experience before I turn 40.
  1. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail
    Blisters be damned, I am so content and inspired on a hike. My friend Adam (RIP) wanted to do this and we talked about it obsessively before he died in 2014.
  2. Build a tiny house (or have one built)
    Three years ago, my husband and I decided we want a tiny house on a hunk of land somewhere. Whether that's a tiny house on wheels or a badass small cabin, I want to have our own place, on our own land, completely sustainable.
  3. Backpack around the world
    I just want to experience as many different cultures as possible, meet as many cool people as possible, and understand and connect with my fellow human beings on a higher level.
  4. Live in a foreign country
    For more than a month. Whether or not it's long term, TBD, but I want to visit/live somewhere for more longer than the duration of a standard vacation.
  5. Redesign my website
    In all reality, I want this to happen before August, as I've been sitting with a landing page for almost a year, but yeah.