1. Beyoncé
    DUH who doesn't??
  2. Jay Z
    A different perspective on that fabulous life and family.
  3. Blue Ivy
    We don't simple stop at 2 perspectives.
  4. Bill Nye the Science Guy
    Legendary. Need I say more?
  5. Elton John
    As straight as cooked spaghetti.
  6. My science teachers bearded dragon.
    His name is Pascal. He is showered in fresh blueberries and apples daily.
  7. I have realized that that isn't a person.
    Whatevs I still want to know what it's like.
  8. J.K Rowling
    The amount of love that she must feel daily from all the faithful admirers must be overwhelming. At least I hope it is, she's a queen.
  9. Luna Lovegood
    Fake, yes. Interesting, not in the slightest.
  10. My little brother